Wi-fi registration form




        1* Field with red star (*) marks are mandatory and essential to be filled in by the Students.
        2.  Please click on year first to edit. when filling date of birth.
        3. Please fill the form carefully once submitted you can’t alter it.
        4. Please complete the following online optional form, making sure you fill in all the required fields. Then click on the “Submit” button at the end of the page.
         5. Browsers compatible with online filing optional form are Google Chrome browser/ Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer.
         6. Please enter your personal Mobile No. /E-mail ID, this Mobile No./E-mail ID will be registered on College record.
         7. Twice entry not valid only one entry valid.



The WiFi enablement under the password is exclusive to you. You will be solely responsible for its use and wrong use.

It is advised to change your password at least once in every 60 days. 

User Name and Password being provided to you is valid over all Desktop, Laptop and other Wi-FI devices including Mobile Phones 

Don’t write your password down. Memorize it.

If you think someone else has discovered your password, contact your System


Server keeps track of internet usage through your username and password.

College does not share any user information with anyone unless authorised by the competent authority of the University.