Understanding GST

On 3rd August, 2017, The college organized a seminar on the topic ‘Understanding GST’. The speaker for this session was Mr. Prakash Bhatia, a certified trainer on Goods and services tax by National Academy of Customs, Excise and narcotics. He threw light on various aspects of GST such as:

  1. What is GST and what taxes are subsumed under it.
  2. History of GST? 
  3. Current taxation structure in India.
  4. Shortcomings in the present taxation system.
  5. Benefits with the introduction of GST.
  6. Indirect tax structure in GST regime.
  7. What are Taxable events?  
  8. Proposed scenario.
  9. Supply under GST : meaning,taxation and types.
  10. Transfer: meaning and treatment.
  11. Input Tax Credit 
  12. Registration under GST. 

For vivid description, we are providing with the following document that includes all the above matters in cognitive and concise manner.