Aim & Objective:

Dyal Singh Evening College (DSEC) aims to foster strong bonds among its alumni and with the college community. The college recognizes the alumni as important stakeholders in enhancing DSEC’s excellent resources for high quality education. It realizes the enormous benefits that come from an engagement with and the support of its alumni who have considerable expertise in many areas, that can help identify strategic directions for the college. In order to garnering maximum benefit, the college is reaching out to the alumni through ‘Shared Initiative’. Several programmes and events are held throughout the year with the focus to recognize achievements and progress of the alumni. Some of the programmes focus on building connections between the alumni.

This ‘Shared Initiative’ provides opportunities to the alumni to engage in community service. DSEC believes that the alumni are goodwill ambassadors for the college. They serve as effective interlocutors, provide advice and support to the college, suggest frontline research areas, offer career advice and also help in securing financial support. Another important dynamic aspect is that alumni can provide academic and technical collaboration in research and projects.